100% Italian
wheat supply chain

Brusa has launched a path of transparency of traceability, through the block chain technology, creating the first 100% ITALIAN BREADSTICK, end-to-end traced, from the seed to shelf. First in Italy and Europe.

The project exploits the potential of the platform and is able to guarantee, in real time and in total transparency, the full traceability of the production, certifying its quality and origin.

At the same time is able to ensure maximum transparency for farmers, processors, distributors, retailers and consumers. In this way, we connect the entire ecosystem of the food supply chain, creating a smarter and safer system, capable of enhancing the territory and sustainability.

Brusa has always paid particular attention to quality, selecting raw materials from a controlled and certified supply chain, to ensure products with a unique and unmistakable flavor.


Printing the QR code on the packaging for each product, Brusa will give the final consumer the opportunity to know the history of each products and more.

“Quality is Awareness”, a slogan that summarizes the vision of its founder Secondino Brusa.