Biella’s Canestrej


They contain a heart of a thin bar of fine dark chocolate. They originate from the rustic “miasce”, which seem to date back to biblical times and were also enjoyed by the Romans.

In the ancient recipe, these wafers are mixed with white and “fioretto” flour (fine sifted corn flour), sugar, soft butter and the grated rind of a lemon. By incorporating the milk, a fairly firm mixture is formed which is then cooked between two plates, made red-hot by the fireplace. The two plates, initially made of stone, are now made of steel. It was the noble families who began to engrave the coat of arms of their family on the plates so that it would appear on the cooked “miasce”. In the ancient manuscript dated 1805, kept in the royal library of Turin, “Notice sur l’arrondissement de Biella, departement de la Sesia”, Canestrej are mentioned as a typical Biellese product. Nowdays, the Canestrej have become part of the group of traditional Piedmontese agri-food products, protected and enhanced by the Piedmont Region.

Brusa preserves the artisanal processing methods and enriches its crunchy waffles with a fine quality chocolate.


With its Confectionery assortment, Brusa wants to enhance the long history of the Piedmont tradition, selecting a line of products where the care in processing and the attention to high quality ingredients are expressed at the highest levels.

From the famous Baci di Dama ( Lady’s Kisses), to the typical Torcetti from Biella,  enhanced by “malga”  (mountain hut) butter, to the Paste di Meliga, a corn shortbread and all the Piedmont Pastries which represent our territory, which comes from ancient recipes, still preserving the artisan processing methods.