Territory and Quality

Biella, Piedmont, Italy... and beyond

Brusa is a family-run company, active since 1974, in the production of baked goods. Born in the Biella area, a land of mountains, clean air, pure water and hard-working people, it decided that this territory and its people were perfect to develop the excellence of Piedmontese specialties in pastry and bakery. Our products are the fruit of local tradition and the testimony of our deep connection with the territory.

Extraordinary Pure Water

The most important resource we have which allows us to make a good product, is provided by our land in Biella and the surrounding areas. This is none other than the extraordinarily pure water that wells up naturally from the granite rocks of the Pre-Alps, recognized as the lightest Water in Europe as it is very low in sodium and free from heavy metals: the ideal raw material to enhance the Flavors and make the most of all the ingredients used in our biscuit and breadstick doughs.

The Piedmont Hazelnuts

Piedmont also offers us another highly prestigious ingredient, used in many of the regional specialties: The Piedmont Hazelnut, of the “Tonda Gentile Trilobata” variety, recognized as the finest in the world for its organoleptic characteristics and its unique, incredible aroma.

Exquisite Chocolate

When it comes to hazelnuts, the first thing we imagine it is pairing with the chocolate: to fill our Canestrelli and Baci di Dama and indeed to coat many of our biscuits, we select the best Italian extra-fine and extra-dark chocolate, only containing cocoa butter.


Also from our peninsula come the “fioretto” and “fumetto” corn flours, which we use in our traditional biscuits “Paste di Meliga” and “Krumiri”, and the eggs, which are one of the main ingredients of our pastry.

Finally, we select the best butter coming from the Alps around us and made from the milk cream, giving an unmistakable fragrance and crispness to our sweetest biscuits.

Brusa products are all natural. Free of dyes, preservatives and chemical thickeners.