Panettone milanese with almond glaze

Panettone milanese with almond glaze

Low Panettone from Piedmont, with sugar and almond glaze, candied Italian orange peel and diamond cedar and raisins



Informazioni nutrizionali per 100 g / Nutritional information per 100 g / Information nutritionnelle par 100 g / Nährwerte pro 100 g / Información nutricional por 100
Energia / Energy / Énergie / Energie / Valor energético1546 kJ
368 kcal
Grassi / Fat / Graisses / Fett / Grasas13 g
di cui saturi / of which saturates / dont gras saturés / davon gesättigte Fettsäuren / de las cuales ácidos grasos saturados6,9 g
Carboidrati / Carbohydrate / Glucides / Kohlenhydrate / Hidratos de carbono56 g
di cui zuccheri / of which sugars / dont sucres / davon Zucker / de los cuales azúcares 34 g
Fibre / Fibre / Fibres alimentaires / Ballaststoffe / Fibra alimentaria2,2 g
Proteine / Protein / Protéines / Eiweiß / Proteínas5,6 g
Sale / Salt / Sel / Salz / Sal0,54 g


FRUMENT flour, sultanas, Hazelnut icing (sugar, egg white, rice flour, hazelnuts, high oleic sunflower oil, wholemeal wheat flour), water, sugar, butter, candied orange peel (orange peel, sugar, glucose syrup), egg yolk, natural yeast from white mother (contains CEREALS), candied citron (citron, sugar, glucose syrup), EGGS, ALMONDS, emulsifiers (mono- and diglycerides of food fatty acids, SOY lecithin), whole milk powder, cocoa butter, salt, barley malt, honey, flavourings.